Advice, regulations and guidance

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Safety in Physical Activity, Physical Education and School Sport (PESSPA)

The guidance in this document applies to all PESSPA activities that:

  • take place on Hampshire Country Council and Children's Services sites
  • are part of the curriculum, extended curriculum and out-of-hours learning
  • are within school and community education provision, and in the youth service

Activities must take place:

  • in a safe, supportive environment
  • without undue danger of injury
  • without inhibiting a participant's natural tendency to be adventurous and independent

The publication is for:

  • teachers, leaders, instructors, coaches or volunteers within any school, college, club or centre which runs sports activities
  • those responsible for the school, college, club or centre, such as headteachers, principals, governors and heads of centre

Failure to follow these regulations may leave Children's Services, the institution and employee open to a claim of negligence in the event of an accident. If it can be shown that the regulations and guidance in this document have been followed, it is easier to refute charges of negligence.

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If you have an SLA with us then you can access 'Safety in PE and School Sport' on EVOLVE.

Download this document on EVOLVE

If you do not have an SLA, you can purchase a copy for £45. Contact [email protected].

Adults Supporting PE, Physical Activity and School Sport (PESSPA)

Volunteers and paid coaches are part of the provision for PESSPA in Hampshire. It is important to support their development, provide appropriate training opportunities and value the contribution they make. For more information about the qualifications needed to teach PESSPA in schools please visit our Third party PE and sport coaching providers page.

Driving minibuses

In most cases, staff must have as a minimum a D1 entitlement on their driving licence before they can drive a minibus, in many cases such as HCC maintained establishments drivers may also be required to hold a MIDAS assessment.

If you have an SLA with us, further information on minibuses is available on EVOLVE in the ‘Supplementary Guidance documentation’.

NB. if you are not a HCC maintained provision your own establishment policy documentation on mini bus driving may also need referencing.

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First aid

The school, college, club or centre is expected to have a readily available first-aid system for effectively dealing with injury should it occur. Staff who teach PE and school sport activities must be aware of the first-aid provision in their workplace. Find more details on first aid in the Safety in PE document found on Evolve.

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