Sources of further advice and support

Some useful contacts and websites for further supporting your employees or yourself as manager


EPS Traffic Light Tool

The Traffic Light Tool uses a set of statements for staff to answer and presents the outcome using an easy-to-understand RAG rating system. An experienced wellbeing adviser will also meet with members of your leadership team or governing body to discuss the report and develop an action plan.

Self Care

If you endorse resilience habits among your staff, it’s imperative that you are an authentic role model. This can be challenging for many managers when it comes to self-care. If you work late, rush a sandwich at your desk, send texts and emails during unsocial hours, if you’re drained and low on energy but battle on regardless, you are not role-modelling self-care habits. All of which will affect your credibility as a manager as you are giving, not living, the messages. Talking about self-care and making your self-care visible will give your people permission to do the same. People who keep well are productive and able to deliver good work.

Download the Self-Care habit