Helping staff to handle change

Change is a normal part of life, but sometimes if feels like there is too much change happening all at once. These resources aim to help you support your staff to handle change in a positive and constructive way.

Change curve

Organisational change is an increasingly common aspect of life in many schools but can leave employees feeling unsettled and anxious.

The Change Curve is widely used in change management to help describe individual’s reactions to significant change or upheaval.

Much like how change is complex, so are individual’s reactions to it. It important to remember that people accept and adapt to change in their own time. This means that employees may move through the stages at different speeds or may not follow or experience all of the change stages.

This model helps in explaining the feelings and reactions of individuals who are exposed to change and provides useful guidance on what you can do to support your staff at each stage of the process to increase the likelihood of successfully implementing organisational change.

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The Change Curve model can be downloaded here