Helping others to build better relationships at work

These resources will help you understand the how different people might work well and not so well together, and to help you support others who may benefit from further understanding of themselves and others


Be Well Teach Well

The Education Support Partnership have developed a suite of tools and guidance to assist teachers to explore work life balance, relationships at work and workload amongst other areas.

Considering consequences

This resilience habit is a great way of getting people to think beyond themselves, to think things through and to think bigger picture. Disruption, inefficiency and conflict are often just a few degrees of separation away from an action or an omission. Discussing consequences, step by step, in team meetings reinforces taking this kind of responsibility as a consistent practice:

If I do this…… , then this…. , then this……. , then this……

And if I don’t do this……, then this…… , then this ……. , then this…….

Considering Consequences is quite an eye-opener when explored in the context of values. People soon realise that the consequences of NOT living the values of the organisation have actually become the reality for many.

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