EPS Traffic Light Tool

The ‘traffic light’ self-audit tool is designed to help you assess the culture and climate of wellbeing in your school in an objective and inclusive way.

The tool looks at issues such as strategic management/culture, relationships, demands, control, role, support, change and work life balance.

A series of statements are presented about varying levels of wellbeing in a school context – for example, whether the staff member feels they receive adequate training on new roles or responsibilities. Each staff member then rates each statement on a ‘red’, ‘amber’ and ‘green’ basis.

An experienced wellbeing adviser will then meet with relevant members of your leadership team and/or governing body to share the generated report, discuss the findings and develop an action plan.

Feedback from schools about the self-audit tool has been very positive:

“The survey made it clear to us what we needed to focus our attention on"

“The survey highlighted where we are successful and gave us a lot to celebrate"

“I realised that I did not know exactly what all staff felt about working here”

“It has been really useful; in opening up staff discussion”

 There is a nominal charge to cover the administration of the tool.

To learn more about the Traffic Light Tool, please contact EPS on [email protected] or 02380 383500.