Helping staff improve their work-life balance

Work-life imbalance can have a significant negative impact on an individual’s performance and work. These resources aim to help you support those who you have identified, or they have identified themselves, as benefitting from support in managing their work-life balance.

Teachers’ Guide - Building Resilience

The Teachers’ Guide shares the techniques and approaches to resilience of a number of Hampshire Teachers as well as wider professionals. School leaders are encouraged to share the guide with their teaching staff, encouraging use of the document to prompt their own thinking. The document can be used to support discussions regarding wellbeing and resilience whether formally through line management and staff meetings (for example focusing on particular sections) or more informally as needs arise to explore strategies for individual staff.

Download the Teachers’ Guide – Building Resilience


EPS Traffic Light Tool

The Traffic Light Tool uses a set of statements for staff to answer and presents the outcome using an easy-to-understand RAG rating system. An experienced wellbeing adviser will also meet with members of your leadership team or governing body to discuss the report and develop an action plan.

Advice on Dedicated Headship Time

Headteachers have statutory entitlement to dedicated headship time within school sessions. The amount of time within school sessions will vary depending on your school context.

Guidance is available in the Manual of Personnel Practice.