Understanding the influences on your environment

Our environment and the ‘culture’ and ‘climate’ of our organisation has a big impact on us. These resources aim to help you better understand your environment so you can look to build on the positives and make changes to those areas that need more development.

Sources of Support and Advice

This mind map shows different sources of support available to school employees.

Download the Employees Support Map

Which flower is you?

If you get into the habit of checking in with yourself, routinely, to see how you are and what you need, you are practising self-care through self-awareness.

If you take action to make sure you address those needs, you are demonstrating self-care through self-management.

If you are not aware you are fading or if you know you are fading and take no responsibility for getting back to blossoming, very soon you’ll be wilting. Recognising your needs – physiological, emotional, mental, environmental, motivational and spiritual – reminds you to take care of yourself so that you move towards blossoming.

Download the Which Flower is You habit