Taking care of your health

Links to access further information and support on aspects of health.

Employee Support

Free 24/7 confidential counselling and support service to employees and their families (your school will need to have an SLA with Health Assured to access this)


Public Health England

Guidance and information from Public Health England on all aspects of health.

Occupational Health Support

Support from Occupational Health is available to those schools who have a service level agreement with Occupational Health for this provision.

Health & Safety Executive guidance on managing stress

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have developed guidance designed to help those suffering from stress of the mental health problems they can lead to, including possible symptoms, some case study videos, and what positive steps can be taken to improve the situation.


italk is a free service for patients with depression, anxiety or stress. It is delivered in partnership with Solent Mind and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. You can be referred by your GP, or can self-refer without the need to see your GP beforehand. They have a range of treatment options including online self-guided help, gros or CBT.