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Find out if your child is eligible for free transport, a free travel pass or travel expenses

Pupils with special educational needs or with an education health and care plan

The Children’s Services Department assesses transport entitlement for children with a statement of SEN or an EHCP.

Guidance about transport to school for children with a statement of SEN or an EHCP

Mainstream pupils

Your child qualifies for free transport if they attend the nearest catchment school or one that is nearer to your home, and the distance (measured by the nearest available walking route) is:

  • year R to 3: more than two miles
  • year 4 to 11: more than three miles (this is reduced to more than two miles if your child meets low income criteria)

Where parents name the designated catchment school as one of their 3 preferences and a place is not available, assistance may be offered to the next closest school, where the walking distance criteria are met according to year group above.

If your child is not eligible

If your child does not qualify for travelling expenses, you can apply for them to be a 'privilege' passenger on school transport.

Privilege places are available if the vehicle is contracted by Hampshire County Council to transport children and there are spare seats.

A place can be withdrawn at short notice if it is needed for a child who qualifies for free transport.

The cost of 2016/2017 privilege transport is £555 per academic year (£185 per term).  This is a flat rate charge per child regardless of the distance travelled or the number of days used per week.  If your child qualifies for free school meals due to low income, the fee may be waived.

Post 16 students with special educational needs

There is no automatic entitlement to free home to school or college transport once a student is over 16.
If you are resident in Hampshire and have a current education, heath and care plan (EHCP) we can help with travel in some circumstances.

  1. Transport will be provided to the nearest suitable college offering a course or programme which is designed specifically to meet your special needs. If the course or programme is not specifically designed to meet your special needs, travel assistance will only be given to the nearest college offering an appropriate course. A course is deemed appropriate where it enables a student to meet his or her career objectives.
  2. If you wish to attend a college which is not the nearest providing the course which you are attending  then your EHCP must state that the course that you wish to attend is specifically designed for you, is essential for your job aspirations or is the most suitable placement for your special needs.
  3. You will receive help with transport to a college more than 3 miles away from your home. 3 miles is measured by the shortest walking route from your home to the college (not the road route, footpaths will be used in the route distance measurement).
  4. If you live within 3 miles of your chosen college, assistance may be given if you are physically unable to walk, or if you need to be accompanied and your parent/carer is either physically unable to walk, or they need to take primary aged siblings to other schools and the timing of the school day or the direction of the other school(s) prevent them from accompanying you. Written evidence will need to be submitted from a doctor at the time of application. Approval of assistance cannot be given without this evidence.

This transport assistance will be provided following payment of a contribution of £555 towards the cost.

However, this charge does not apply to parents/carers who receive:

  • free school meals
  • Income Support
  • Employment and Support Allowance (income based)
  • income-based Job Seekers’ Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit (provided you’re not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190)
Post 16 mainstream transport

There is no automatic entitlement to free home to school or college transport once a student is over 16.

Post 16 transport policy guidance

Policy document

For full details of eligibility see the Home to School Transport Policy document