High volume of enquiries

We are currently experiencing a high volume of enquiries. Please see below for guidance on what to do in the following circumstances

My child's bus pass has not arrived

Once your child’s eligibility has been confirmed, passes will take a minimum 10 working days to be delivered. Given the current difficulties being experienced the bus operators have been instructed to allow entitled children to travel, without a pass until Friday 15 September.  If you have been waiting over 10 working days, please email us at passenger.transport.enquiries@hants.gov.uk, with the details below.  We will then review your application and reissue your child’s pass where appropriate.

Your Child’s legal name
Date of Birth
School they are attending

Unable to apply online

Please email passenger.transport.enquiries@hants.gov.uk with the following information, in order that we can add the application on your behalf:

Child's legal name
Date of Birth
School they are attending
Parent name, telephone, number and email address

Your application will then be processed and you will be contacted within 10 working days.