Privilege school transport

Spare seats on Hampshire County Council contracted transport

Families of Year R pupils who will become eligible for LA funded transport at the start of the term following their fifth birthday and for Year 3 pupils who are eligible until the day before their eighth birthday

For the 2019 to 2020 school year these pupils have been guaranteed the option to buy the seat for the terms / days they are not eligible for Local Authority funded transport assistance. This is not part of our privilege seat scheme, and if a seat is purchased it will not be withdrawn.

Families in this situation will be contacted directly by the Home to School Transport Team on receipt of an application form.

Students who are not eligible for Hampshire County Council funded transport assistance may be able to buy spare seats on Home to School Transport contracted by the Council. This is called “Privilege Transport” and incurs a fee which the parent/carer must pay.

Privilege seats are not usually allocated until after the school year has begun, and potentially not until October. Privilege seats are not guaranteed and can only be offered whilst the seat is not needed for an eligible student. Parents/carers must be aware that seats can be withdrawn at short notice and a spare seat in a vehicle is not necessarily available for use.

The charging structure for privilege transport is outlined here:

Distance to Travel Annual Charge Termly Cost
Up to 5 miles* £600 £200
5.01 to 7.5 miles* £831 £277
7.51 to 10 miles* £1,164 £388
Over 10 miles* £1,330 £443

*Distance to Travel is measured from the allocated pick-up point to the school. Hampshire County Council will use GIS mapping software to measure this distance.

For further information read the Guidance notes 2018/19

Apply for privilege school transport

You must submit a form if you would like to apply for privilege transport. Please note that use of this service will incur a charge.

Parents/carers purchasing a privilege seat will need to submit a new application form each year.

Privilege Transport applications for the remainder of the 2018/19 academic year can be made via the 2018/19 online application form.

Privilege Transport applications for the 2019/20 academic year will be accepted from Tuesday 21 May 2019 and can be made via the 2019/20 online application form.

The Home to School Transport policy applies to all privilege transport applications.