New Hampshire Primary School for September 2026

Fleet, Hampshire

Hampshire County Council is responsible for a wide range of services across its administrative area. The County Council’s role is to act strategically and implement policy as determined by its political leadership. This means delivering services to the people of Hampshire (and sometimes beyond) in an open, transparent and cost-effective way. The Council acts in the best interests of Hampshire and its residents.

Hampshire County Council invites expressions of interest from Academy Proposers interested in sponsoring a new primary school.

Background to why the additional primary places are necessary

The Education Act 2006 places a statutory duty on the County Council to ensure there is a strong supply of good school places available to meet demand.

Information on the County Council’s approach to school place planning is set-out in the School Places Plan 2024 to 2028.

The establishment of the new primary school will help deliver the County Council’s strategic plans for the provision of school places and ensure there is access to good quality schools within the area of Fleet, and in particular to meet the demand arising from new housing.


Through leadership and challenge, Hampshire Children’s Services Directorate strives to improve educational outcomes for all children, particularly those more vulnerable groups, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Over 90% of Hampshire schools are judged ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. Continuous planning ensures that there is a school place for every child in Hampshire, expanding existing schools or building new schools where necessary.

In the county:

  • over 183,000 pupils are taught in Hampshire’s maintained and academy schools
  • educational attainment is better than the national average: 60% of Hampshire’s primary school children met the required standards for reading, writing and mathematics, compared with 59% nationally
  • around 9,000 teachers are employed in Hampshire’s schools
  • over 25,000 learning activities and school trips, including overseas trips, receive help with risk assessment through its Outdoor Education Service
  • 12,000+ Free School Meal eligible children attend the County Councils Holiday Activities and Food programme
  • Hampshire’s SEN service supports/assesses over 12,500 Education, Health and Care Plans for children and young people with SEND
  • around 21,000 children under five are accessing early years education
  • Quality of early years and childcare of Ofsted registered provision is 96.4% good or outstanding
Read how Hampshire delivers excellence in education
Proposed new primary school

Read the information guide regarding the proposal for a new primary school in:

Hartland Village, Fleet, Hampshire

The guide includes specification for the new school, resourced provision and how it will be funded.

The closing date for expressions of interest is 27 May 2024

Assessment criteria

Proposers should include a response to the following points, which will be considered in the assessment of the proposals:

  • The quality of the places being added into the system, based on the proposer’s vision and educational plan.
  • The capability and capacity of the proposer to deliver their proposal on time and on budget, based on their expertise and experience.
  • Value for money, confirming that the proposer considers that the costs of establishing the new academy can be met within the estimate of capital costs outlined by the County Council and, where they cannot be met within that estimate, an explanation of the reasons for the additional costs and how any shortfall will be met.

The County Council will expect proposers to explain how their proposals will ensure effective outcomes for the children who will attend the academy; the proposed curriculum; performance and standards monitoring; absence and behavioural policy, extended services; inclusion and special educational needs; governance, admissions; finance; partnership working and community engagement.

The DfE will focus on the following criteria:

  • The capacity and quality of the proposer. New sponsors will be assessed on their strategic vision, educational capacity and performance, financial planning and operational capacity and governance. The focus for existing sponsors will be on their track record and credibility, capacity to deliver a new project and their local infrastructure to support their proposal
  • The ability of the proposer to deliver on time, to secure best value for money and maintain financial viability. This will need to be made clear in a comprehensive financial plan based on realistic assumptions.
  • The proposer’s ability to promote high standards as set out in a clear and coherent education plan, and which demonstrates innovation to drive system change. The proposal should give strong, credible evidence that the new school will raise the overall standard of education available in the local area, adding high quality places to the system

The Regional Director (RD) on behalf of the Secretary of State, will consider the County Council assessments and recommendations before deciding which proposer is in the best position to take forward the new school. The RD will inform the County Council and the successful proposer of its decision, and the County Council will inform any unsuccessful proposers.

Once a decision has been made, the County Council will work closely with the chosen provider and the DfE (through the Education Skills and Funding Agency) to conclude the development and operational details of the new school.

Proposed timeline

The timetable for consultation and approval of this proposal is as follows:

Monday 13 May 2024 - Publication of proposals and invitations for expressions of interest from potential proposers

Monday 27 May 2024 - Closing date for notifying expression of interest

Monday 8 July 2024 - Closing date for full applications

September 2024 - Interviews for shortlisted trusts

October/ November 2024 - DfE to review and agree final Sponsor

After the South East Regional Director approves the local authority’s chosen proposer, the proposer will work with the County Council to establish the new academy. Once the Secretary of State for Education is confident that the site is ready and all essential tasks have been completed by the trust to successfully open the school, a funding agreement is entered into with the proposer.

Impact and Equalities Assessment

As prescribed by section 9 of the Academies Act 2010 and section 149 of the Equality Act 2010, the County Council must assess the potential impact of any new school on existing educational provision in the area. The County Council must also consider whether the new school would impact on any groups with protected characteristics.

Pupil forecasts demonstrate that because of the major housing development in Fleet additional primary provision will be required. As a result, the addition of this school to the family of Hampshire schools is unlikely to impact adversely on mainstream schools in the area. The proposal would have a positive impact on promoting choice and diversity for local families who are applying for a school place. We are looking for sponsors that will provide excellent support facilities to meet the needs of all children, including Looked After Children, those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, those with pupil premium funding and any other disadvantaged group. We also want a sponsor that has a drive for excellent outcomes in attendance, attainment and achievement for all children and a clear commitment to closing the gaps between pupil groups, both within the school and against their national counterparts.

Compliance with legislation

The Academy Proposer will be required to comply with all relevant regulations and legislation, relating to the development of a new school. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • The Children Act 2004
  • Education Act 2011
  • Education and Inspections Act 2006
  • Data Protection Act 2018
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Police and Justice Act 2006
  • Health and Safety at Work Legislation Academy

Proposers must have sufficient written policies, procedures and codes of practice in place to enable full compliance at all times with the above, and any other relevant legislation, and to ensure that instruction and guidance for the Academy’s staff are available in relation to the functions and activities described in the specification.

The policies, procedures and codes of practice must be accessible at all times by those staff and must be readily available to relevant members of the public/stakeholders.

How to apply

The County Council would like to invite interested proposers to submit proposals for the establishment of the new academy.

Initially, please submit your expression of interest by Monday 27 May 2024 by emailing [email protected]

Then complete and submit the application form linked below, with any supplementary information required, by Monday 8 July 2024.

Please also contact us if you would like any further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss.