Emergency housing

If you need somewhere to stay or to speak to someone about housing

Members of our team can also provide you with general housing advice based on your situation, if you are not immediately homeless or at risk of being homeless.

How we can help

Hampshire County Council can provide you with emergency accommodation for two weeks if you:

  • are between 16 and 17 years old
  • are homeless or
  • at risk of being homeless

Legally, “homelessness” means:

  • you have nowhere to live in the UK or anywhere else in the world
  • you cannot stay in your home because of violence or threats of violence
  • you have nowhere you can live together with your family, or anyone else who lives with you (for example, your children, partner or a carer)
  • you do not have permission to stay where you are (for example, you are a squatter)
  • you have been locked out of your home and not allowed back
  • your home is a boat, mobile home or caravan and there is nowhere you are allowed to put it
  • you have somewhere to live but it is not reasonable for you to stay there. This may be because of violence, abuse, harassment or threats; overcrowding or very bad conditions; or because you cannot afford it
Talking to someone about your situation

Over the two weeks a member of our specialist staff will talk to you about your situation.

They will help you to work out a plan to help you return to your immediate, extended family or previous placement, and work with them as a mediator to establish the best way forward.

You will also have to be assessed by Childrens’ Services and they may offer to take you into ‘care’ if you wish.

Accommodation we provide

The accommodation we provide you with is shared, with communal facilities.

Our staff will make sure that you:

  • have toiletries
  • that suitable basic furniture and bedding is available
  • you have access to kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • know of local services where you can buy food and toiletries as well

Specialist members of staff will be available at the accommodation 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any issues or questions you may have.

Where the accommodation will be

We will try and make sure we get you emergency accommodation nearest to your local contacts, but this may not always be possible.