Managing my team structure

As a manager you are responsible for managing your employees, positions and your structure

What is Organisational Management (OM)?

The organisational structure comprises of org units (teams) which group positions together.

The structure allows you to arrange these org unit groupings such as by department. It helps you manage the relationships, roles and responsibilities of employees within your teams.

Org units contain positions. The positions determine aspects of the employee's role. This includes:

  • grade
  • job title
  • cost centre
  • any vetting requirements needed to perform the role

Managers have a responsibility to maintain and manage their part of the structure. For example you might want to recruit, act up, or second an employee and will need to create a new position. You might want to create or amend entire teams or amend or move existing teams or positions.

The self serve apps located in My Team will help you to manage your structure.

Press an app to see how it impacts the structure. You can choose to view further information or move directly to the relevant form.