Increasing your pension

Firefighters' Pension Scheme 1992

If you are contributing to the FPS and will not be able to count 30 years' pensionable service by age 55 you can buy additional 60ths to count towards:

  • your pension
  • pension paid to your husband, wife or civil partner if you die
  • pensions paid to any eligible children if you die

Additional 60ths represent annual pension, not years and days of service. They would not bring forward the date at which you can retire, or have any impact on how much your pension would increase by if you retired due to ill health.

Who can buy additional 60ths?

You can elect to buy additional 60ths if:

  • you were below age 46 when you last became a firefighter and
  • you are below age 53 and
  • you are not under notice to retire on ill health or efficiency grounds

How much do they cost?

The cost is determined by the Government Actuary. It is based on your age at your birthday following the election and how many 60ths you want to buy. Please contact Pensions Services if you would like a quotation.

You would start making the contributions from the birthday following your election. If you stop paying the additional 60ths before age 55, you would be credited with the proportion bought to date.

Other options

You may also save extra towards retirement in other ways, such as paying into a free standing AVC scheme or a private pension. You cannot do this through the FPS and you may wish to seek independent financial advice.