Change in the administration of West Sussex pension schemes

March 2019 - West Sussex Local government and Firefighter's pension schemes

Mar 1 2019


From 4 March, Hampshire County Council will be taking on the administration of West Sussex Local Government and Firefighter’s pension schemes. This change of administration will not change the way Hampshire Pension Services administer the Firefighter’s pension scheme for Hampshire members.

In future we will be displaying both the Hampshire and West Sussex Firefighter’s logo on our webpages. The content of the webpages contains information for both Firefighter’s pension schemes.

Not all forms for West Sussex Firefighter’s scheme will be available on the website from 4 March. These will be added as soon as possible after this date. If you need a form that is not yet available, please contact us on 01962 845588 and we will arrange to send you the form you need.