Pension Ombudsman Ruling - updated

December 2015

Dec 1 2015


The Pensions Ombudsman's determination of 13 May 2015 in the case of GAD v Milne has meant that for members who retired between 1 December 2001 (1 December 2004 for females) and 21 August 2006, commutation redress payments have been made.

At the present time we have no information or direction from the Department of Communities and Local Government with regard to any member that may have retired before these dates and we are unable to say if or when such information might be available. If information is received that affects members who retired before these dates, then we will contact you at that time. You do not need to register your interest with the Hampshire Pension Fund, but you may wish to do so with either the Fire Brigade Union or the National Association of Retired Fire-Fighters.

Pension Ombudsman Ruling – updated