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April 2019

Apr 15 2019

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Firefighters Pensioner Members who are paid their pension in advance (on the first of the month, for that month) may recall that there was an error that occurred in the reporting (Real Time Information) to HMRC to let them know that Capita would no longer be paying the pension. It was our understanding that following the data being resubmitted to HMRC, this should have resolved the issue.

We are now being informed, following firefighter pensioner members, who are paid in advance, and are in receipt of their May payslip, that this has not been resolved in all cases.

HRMC have notified Hampshire Pension Services of a Base Rate (BR) tax code, on the understanding that they believe those pensioner members are in receipt of a second income. For some this BR code will be correct, and for others it will not.

We are working with HMRC to resolve this issue, but it will mean that some pensioner members will have overpaid tax, which will need to be adjusted next month once the correct tax code is received from HRMC.