Absence from duty

New Firefighters' Pension Scheme 2006

Authorised sickness or injury

If your pay is reduced or stopped due to sick leave, you will have to pay the full amount of contributions if you want it to count as pensionable service.

Maternity, paternity & adoption leave

During maternity, paternity or adoption leave you will make contributions from the pay you receive. If additional maternity or adoption leave is unpaid, you can opt to pay contributions based on the rate you were receiving immediately before pay ceased, so that it will count as pensionable service.

Pay reduced as punishment

If your pay is reduced or stopped due to "punishment", you will still pay the full amount of contributions. This means that there will not be a break in your pensionable membership, and that your pensionable pay will not change either.

Other types of absence

If you would like another type of unpaid absence to count as pensionable service, you must pay full contributions. You will also have to pay the employer's contributions. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority may pay the employer's amount for you at their discretion.