Split pension

New Firefighters' Pension Scheme 2006

If your pay drops in your current role or due to moving to a new role, you can opt for a split pension. This depends on your role, and it will only happen if Hampshire Fire and Rescue instructs us to calculate your pension in this way.

The pension you have built up to the date that your pay is reduced would be calculated as if it were deferred. You would continue to pay into the pension scheme and build up a second pension from the following day.

Both pensions would be payable at the same time. They could be calculated as separate pensions, with the first one based on your pay before it was reduced and the second one based on your final pay.

Instead, both periods of service could be added together so you would have just one pension based on your final pensionable pay. This could be the best option if your final pensionable pay is higher than the pay from the first period of membership (allowing for inflation).