Deferred pensions

New Firefighters' Pension Scheme 2006

Claiming your deferred (frozen) pension

Your deferred pension will be payable from:

  • age 65
  • age 55 or above, if Hampshire Fire and rescue Authority agrees. Your pension would be reduced
  • any age, if you become unable to take regular employment because of illness or disability

Please write to us if you move house or change your name so that we can contact you when your pension is due to be paid.

What will I need to do?

  • Fill in a retirement declaration form and send it to us at least four weeks before your pension is due to be paid. You will also need to enclose proof of your identity and partnership status
  • We will calculate your pension and write to you. The letter will tell you how much your pension and any lump sum will be and it will explain when your pension will be paid and the tax code that will apply to it
  • If you wish to claim your pension early because of ill health or disability, please contact Hampshire Fire and Rescue who will arrange for your case to be assessed

Claiming your pension before age 65

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority may allow you to receive your pension from age 55. Your pension would be reduced to reflect the fact that it is being paid early. The amount is decided by the Government Actuary and it depends on your age in years and months.

This table shows the percentage reductions that would apply if you took your pension early.

Age Reduction %
55 37.8 to 40.5
56 34.7 to 37.6
57 31.4 to 34.4
58 27.9 to 31.1
59 24.1 to 27.5
60 20 to 23.7
61 15.6 to 19.6
62 10.9 to 15.2
63 5.6 to 10.5
64 0.2 to 5.3


The pension would have been calculated when the member left and index-linked in the years since. It would then be reduced if it was claimed early:

annual pension - reduction % = reduced annual pension

So a deferred pension that is worth £13,000 a year would be reduced by 10.5% if the firefighter claimied it at age 63:

  • £13,000 annual pension, before reduction
  • £13,000 - 10.5% = £11,635 reduced annual pension