Retiring – a summary

New Firefighters' Pension Scheme 2006

Your pension can be paid if:

  • you leave service age 60 or over
  • you leave service between ages 55 and 60, you can ask for your pension to be paid; if you do, your pension will be reduced
  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue chooses to retire you in the interests of the service and you are age 55 or over
  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue retires you on ill health grounds
  • you have a frozen (deferred) pension, normally payable from age 65, we will write to you when it is due

If you are thinking of retiring, you may ask the Pensions Administration Team for an estimate.

If you are retiring from service, you will need to inform Workforce Support who will give you a Retirement declaration form to fill in. Please complete the form and send it to Pensions Services.

When we have your completed form and leaver information from Hampshire Fire and Rescue, we will write to tell you how much your pension will be. It will take us up to six weeks to begin paying your pension.


When you fill in your retirement declaration form, you can choose to exchange up to 25% of your pension for a retirement lump sum; this is called commutation. Each £1 of pension that you exchange will give you a retirement lump sum of £12.

Split pension option

If your pay dropped after 31 March 2007 in your current role or due to moving to a new role, Hampshire Fire and Rescue may instruct us to apply the split pension option. There is more about this on the split pension page.

Low value pensions

If your pension is very small it may be paid all at once as a lump sum; this is known as commutation of a trivial pension. The pension must be less than the limit set by HMRC and you would have to satisfy other tax rules as well. When you retire, Pensions Services will be in touch if this applies to you.