Death benefits

Survivors pensions

In the event of your death, pensions are also payable to a surviving partner and any eligible children. A surviving partner can be a husband, wife, civil partner or an eligible co-habiting partner.

For a pension to be payable to a co-habiting partner there are certain conditions that need to be met

  • You have been in a relationship and living together for at least two years
  • You are financially interdependent
  • You are free to marry or enter into a civil partnership

There is no requirement to nominate a co-habiting partner to enable them to receive a survivors pension, however to help with the administration of benefits payable in the event of your death, you are advised to complete a co-habiting partner nomination form

Children’s pensions

In the event of your death, pensions are also payable to any eligible children.

Eligible children are those that are financially dependent on you and under the age of 18. Pensions can be paid up to the age of 23 if the child remains in full time education.

If you have a permanently disabled child that is financially dependent on you then a pension can also be paid to them, regardless of their age.

Death grant lump sum
A death grant lump sum is not payable for Deferred Pensions.

A death grant lump sum equal to three times your final pensionable pay is payable if you die in service while you are still an active member of the 2006 Fire Pension Scheme.

You can choose to make a death grant nomination, this is called an expression of wish. This enables any death grant lump sum that is due in the event of your death to be paid to your nominated beneficiaries rather than being paid to your estate.

Your employer has absolute discretion as to the payment of the death grant. It will decide on the most appropriate recipient or recipients, and can take into account your wishes as stated on your expression of wish form.

To make a nomination or to change an existing nomination complete the death grant expression of wish form and send it to Hampshire Pension Services.