Customer survey

Since 2018, every email sent by Hampshire Pension Services has included a link to a customer survey. We are working on expanding this survey with links in some of our mailings. You can also complete the survey from here.

Number of responses

As the survey has only been available via our emails, we have received a comparatively small number of survey responses, compared to the total membership of the schemes we deal with. In 2018/19 we received a total of 152 responses through the survey. This increased to 232 in 2019/20. 

Satisfaction levels

Unfortunately, the level of satisfaction fell in 2019/20 with an increased percentage of people saying their query had not been dealt with at all well.

Quality of Service 2018/19

Service quality 2018

Satisfaction Percentage
Extremely well 61%
Very well 8%
Slightly well 7%
Not at all well 24%
TOTAL 100%


Quality of Service 2019/20

Service quality 2020

Satisfaction Number of respondents Percentage
Extremely well  86  37%
Very well  23  10%
Slightly well  22   9%
Not at all well 101  44%
Total 232 100%

We follow up every “Not at all well” response to find out how we could have improved the customer’s experience. We then analyse the response to see how we could do better and then make changes to our processes where appropriate.

The breakdown throughout the last year, of cases where a query had not been dealt with at all well, is:

2019/20 Number – “not at all well”
April - June 44
July - September 33
October - December 17
January - March  7

We found that the increase coincided with a period with high work load due to Hampshire Pension Services taking on additional scheme administration. There is an improving trend through the rest of the year and we are working hard to continue this improvement.

Method of communication

The survey asks customers to state how they would prefer to be contacted. Members are increasingly asking for contact by email. We are planning to move towards electronic communication for the majority of our members, while retaining choice for those who are unable to use this method.

Preferred Method of Contact 2018/19

Preferred contact 2018

Method Percentage 
Email 81%
Telephone 7%
Post 3%
No contact 9%
Total 100%

Preferred Method of Contact 2019/20

preferred contact 2020

Method  Number of respondents Percentage 
Email  204 88%
Telephone  13 6%
Post  10 4%
No contact  5 2%
Total  232 100%