Customer survey

Analysis of Member Survey 2019/20 and 2020/21

Since 2018, every email sent by Hampshire Pension Services has included a link to a customer survey. We are working on expanding this survey with links in some of our mailings. You can also complete the survey from here.

Number of responses

In 2019/20 we received a total of 232 responses through our customer satisfaction survey. This decreased slightly to 223 in 2020/21. Currently, the survey is advertised on our website and in our email signatures. Due to Covid 19, we have increased the number of emails sent this year and the survey is reaching more members. However, we have seen a slight drop in the number of responses received compared to the previous year.

This still represents a small percentage of the members we communicate with each year and we are continuing to look into how we can promote the survey further, for example adding a link in any mailings we send for the Annual Benefit Statements.

Satisfaction levels

2019/2020 quality of service graph2020/2021 quality of service graph

Quality of Service 19/20
Satisfaction Number of respondents Percentage
Extremely well  86  37%
Very well  23  10%
Slightly well  22   9%
Not at all well 101  44%
Total 232 100%
Quality of Service 20/21
Satisfaction Number of respondents Percentage
Extremely well 128 57%
Very well 32 14%
Slightly well 13 6%
Not at all well 50 22%
Total 223 100%
The level of satisfaction has increased in the 2020/21 year in comparison to the 2019/20 year with an increase in the percentage of members choosing very well over last year.

The ‘Extremely Well’ segment is broken down into quarters as:

Quarter 1 38
Quarter 2
Quarter 3 28
Quarter 4 24

The number of members who selected ‘Extremely Well’ was an improvement on the previous year and follows the same trend as the level of complaints decreased for the year.

We continue to follow up any ‘Not at all well’ responses with the member to find out how we could have improved their experience.

Preferred method of communication

Preferred method of contact 19/20
Method Number of respondents Percentage
Email 204 88%
Telephone 13 6%
Post 10 4%
No contact 5 2%
Total 232 100%
Preferred method of contact 20/21
Method Number of respondents Percentage
Email 185 83%
Telephone 13 8%
Post 10 4%
No contact 10 4%
Total 232 100%

There has not been a significant change in how our members wish to be contacted which is in line with our plan to move more towards email and digital communications with our members. Due to Covid-19 we have made more of our information and communications online for our members to view and this can be seen to be in line with their preferred method of contact. There was a slight increase in the number of members wishing to be contacted by phone, which may be linked to the increase in pensioner members who have responded to the survey in the past year.