Keeping us up to date with employer contact details

This form would be used by you as an employer to notify us of any changes to the contacts that we hold for all our employers. These contacts are used by us to process forms and to send out communications. We will not accept any forms or communicate sensitive information to a person who has not been added to an employer contacts list.

Pensions employer contact form

We will only accept pensions forms (e.g. Starter, Leaver, Estimate Request forms) from people named on your contact form as being responsible for specific areas. If we receive forms or queries from anyone who is not marked as responsible for that area of work, delays will be caused whilst we investigate and arrange for your contacts form to be updated.

Everyone detailed on your contacts form will be part of the general distribution list and will receive the quarterly newsletter 'Pension Matters'. This contains important information about the fund and scheme.

The information we need for each form is:

  • Employer name and address
  • Payroll provider name and address (if applicable)
  • Name of authorised contact
  • Email address
  • Job title
  • Which areas they are authorised in

There are notes included in the form to explain each section and each area of responsibility/authority, these include:

  • High Level – It is important that this is the most appropriate person for the organisation e.g. Chief Executive, Headteacher, College Principle. This contact will be used by us to provide important information affecting the organisation such as consultations and the Employer contribution rates. This contact will also be invited to the Annual Employer Meeting (however, this invite can be extended to other colleagues)
  • Finance – This will mainly be used for remittances and statutory financial reporting e.g. FRS17 (IAS19)
  • Annual Returns – This contact will be sent the Annual Return and will need to sign it off before sending it to us. We will also direct any annual return queries to this contact
  • Estimates/Retirements – This contact will be authorised to submit employer initiated estimates and retirements. It is important that this contact can authorise any employer costs and take responsibility for retirement pay figures (this must be an employer contact and not your payroll provider)
  • Day to day – Anything that isn't listed above – This is for all other pensions related forms and queries such as Starter forms, leaver forms, amendments, discretions policies etc. This also includes estimates that are not for an employer initiated retirement

This is a new version of the form and we welcome any feedback. Please email any completed forms and feedback to