Joining the LGPS

Who can join?

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is open to all employees in local government and other organisations who have chosen to participate.

You can join at any age up to two days before your 75th birthday.

You can still join the LGPS and contribute towards a personal pension plan or stakeholder pension scheme.

How to join?

For most local government employees, membership of the LGPS is automatic if you have a contract of three months or more. Your employer may also need to enrol you in the LGPS under automatic enrolment rules.

If you are a casual employee, you may now be eligible to join the LGPS. You will need to contact your payroll who will tell you how to opt in.

Re-joining in current employment

If you have previously opted out of the pension scheme and wish to start paying contributions again in the same employment you should write to your employer. Your employer may allow you to email them – if so, include a statement to say that you have personally submitted your notice to re-join the LGPS.

New member forms


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