Important scheme regulation changes

May 1 2019

Scheme changes

Members with a deferred pension who left before 1 April 1998

Changes in the regulations mean that you can now elect for early payment of your deferred pension from age 55. You can do this even if you are still in local government employment in another post. This change has been backdated to 17 April 2018.

Survivor benefits

Following a Supreme Court judgement, the regulations have changed to provide the survivors of:

  • Registered civil partners
  • Same sex marriages

with pension benefits comparable to those due to widows.

This change is effective from:

  • 5 December 2005 for Registered civil partners
  • 13 March 2014 for Same sex marriages
  • If you are affected by these changes, we will be writing to you shortly.

Widows’ and widowers’ benefits

There are some adjustments to widows’ and widowers’ pensions where the member:

  • ceased active service before 1 April 1998 and
  • died after 9 January 2019

Again, if you are affected by this change, we will contact you shortly.