Deferred pensions

Pension statements

The value of your deferred pension will increase each year in line with inflation. Your statement will show the current value of your deferred pension with all the increases added to it.

  • You cannot pay any more into your pension after it has become deferred
  • You may have more than one deferred LGPS pension, for example if you paid into the LGPS in more than one job

Annual statements are issued at the end of each financial year, which show the updated value of your benefits. You can register to view your pension details, including future benefit statements online. The benefits of accessing your information electronically include:

  • ability to change your address, name or marital status online
  • secure view of all your pension statements
  • access to your payslips when you start receiving your pension

Register for online access

Once you have completed the initial registration, you will receive an activation code in the post to your home address so that you can finalise the process and access your details.

If you do not wish to register to receive your information online, you will need to opt out in writing; include your national insurance number so that we can identify your record.

Transferring to another scheme

You may be able to transfer your deferred pension to another pension scheme. You need to contact your new pension provider to find out how to do this. See Transfers.

Rejoining the LGPS

Your deferred pension will normally be added to your new pension account If you rejoin the LGPS. If you do not want this to happen, you must notify us within a year of re-joining the scheme or longer if your employer's policy allows. See Rejoining the LGPS.

Ill-health retirement from deferred pension

You can apply to your former employer to receive your pension on ill health grounds at any age. They will arrange a medical with an independent doctor. Your former employer will decide whether or not your pension can be paid early, without reductions.

Useful information

LGPS Guide – Your deferred pension