Rejoining the LGPS

If you have a deferred pension, it will normally be joined to your new Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) pension unless you opt to keep them separate. You must make this decision within 12 months of starting your new job, unless your employer has a policy to allow longer. Your pensions will be joined together if you do not make a decision in time.

If you have frozen contributions that are less than five years old they will automatically be added to your new pension account, or if they are over five years old they will be refunded to you.

Making your decision

If you rejoin the Hampshire Pension Fund use the Starter information and membership option form to let us know your decision. It has notes to help you decide what to do. It may be best for some people to join their pensions together, but better for others to request that they stay separate.

If you rejoin the LGPS with another pension fund, contact them to find out what they need you to do.

Five year final salary link

If you:

  • paid into the LGPS before April 2014 and
  • left the LGPS after 1 April 2014 and
  • contribute to public service pension schemes without any breaks over five years and
  • rejoin the LGPS

The pension will be calculated using your final salary from your most recent LGPS account. You can elect to keep your benefits separate but you would normally need to notify your pension fund of this within 12 months of rejoining the scheme.

If the break in membership from public service pension schemes is more than five years then any previous LGPS pension you transfer to your new LGPS account will not be linked to your final pay.

Public service pension schemes include:

  • civil servants
  • the judiciary
  • armed forces
  • schemes in England, Scotland and Wales for local government workers
  • teachers
  • health service workers
  • firefighters
  • police
  • new public service pension schemes

Relevant information