Consultation on the Pension Fund’s Responsible Investment Policy

The Hampshire Pension Fund is responsible for investing the funds it receives in contributions from employees and employers in order to ensure that it can pay the pension benefits that have been promised to scheme members.

It is a significant responsibility for the Pension Fund Panel and Board in setting the investment strategy for the fund, which determines the specialist external investment managers employed to manage the Fund’s assets. The Pension Fund expects that its investment managers will consider all relevant factors in assessing the financial return of the companies that they invest in, which is in line with the Pension Fund’s perspective as a long-term investor. This would include issues such how the companies’ activities may impact on climate change, its policies for executive pay and the strength of its corporate governance to guard against fraud and corruption. These issues are sometimes referred to as ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance issues.

The Pension Fund Panel and Board takes the consideration of responsible investment, and the inclusion of all factors in investment decision making, very seriously. As such it has updated its Responsible Investment Policy, which forms part of the Fund’s Investment Strategy Statement.

Draft Responsible Investment Policy 

The Pension Fund Panel and Board want to hear the views of the Fund’s scheme members and employers. If you have any views that you would like to share on the approach to Responsible Investment outlined in the new draft policy please email before 17 May 2019. The comments received will be reported to the next meeting of the Pension Fund Panel and Board when finalising the draft policy is considered.