Update from Home Office – Restrictions on maximum commutation payments for certain members of the 1987 Police Pension Scheme

Sep 1 2016


You may be aware that we recently wrote to the UK Police Pensions Consultative Forum and the Scheme Advisory Board to inform them that we intend to amend the police pensions regulations to allow officers with between 25 and 30 years service in the 1987 scheme to commute up to 25% of their total pension benefits, UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS.

These conditions will include the introduction of arrangements whereby the relevant police force, as the "employer", will have discretion in individual cases on whether to consent to the restriction being lifted, and also be responsible for the funding of the difference in a commutation payment paid under these circumstances.

We are aware that there are queries from officers about whether this applies now – it does not. Regulations will be amended and subject to consultation in the usual way. The changes will not be retrospective.

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