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Primary behaviour service

With the Primary Behaviour Service, you can be confident in the knowledge that you are best prepared to manage challenging behaviour and seek positive solutions for your pupils, promoting positive behaviour and emotional wellbeing.

Our experienced Primary Behaviour teams offer comprehensive advice and guidance and will work closely with your school, pupils and families to build positive relationships and secure the best outcomes.

Service features

  • Consultation and advice to leadership teams
  • Assessment and identification of need, deepening knowledge and shaping early intervention
  • Hands-on support and guidance for schools for a wide range of social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) development needs at multiple levels
  • Rapid and flexible response to individual child referrals
  • Bespoke behaviour management training for a range of staff, from individual settings to county- wide training programmes
  • Access to inreach provision in partnership with schools
  • Preventative work to reduce exclusions through a blend of operational and strategic support

We will:

  • help your school develop an increased understanding of children with social, emotional and mental health development needs
  • provide support with the development of strategies to manage challenging behaviour
  • provide a holistic approach to the needs of children and their families
  • help raise the levels of achievement for vulnerable children
  • support and promote partnership working with parents and other agencies

Benefits to schools

  • Children become better engaged with learning, with improved access to the curriculum
  • Parents and children have increased awareness of their responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Staff become better equipped to work with pupils with challenging behaviour
  • We work collaboratively and creatively to address whole school development
  • We offer alternative provision to support pupils through our inreach centres
  • The inreach centres are used as CPD hubs for local practitioners, transferring skills and strong practice across the locality
  • We aim to create increased capacity and confidence within schools
  • We promote joined up practice between home, school and child to ensure consistency
  • The wellbeing of staff, the child and their family are generally improved

How we work

Our dedicated practitioners are committed to securing positive outcomes for referred children, fielding a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to augment the strong practice of behaviour support in Hampshire primary schools.

We work predominantly to provide an outreach service to mainstream primary schools, with the facility of inreach provision at a number of centres when a child needs our support away from their usual educational setting.

Our referral-based support service can be accessed through six regional teams.


Sarah Cobb
Primary Behaviour Service Manager

Deborah Barron
Primary Behaviour Service Admin

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