Countryside service

Countryside service

Hampshire’s countryside is an ideal platform to engage and inspire young people. There is a wide variety of landscapes; hills and heaths, forest and downland, rivers, streams and coastal areas, water meadows and woodland. This rich tapestry provides excellent opportunities for children and young people to experience their local surroundings in exciting and innovative ways. We work with schools, local authorities, parents and carers to provide an exciting range of teaching and learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Our dedicated and experienced staff at each site work closely with teachers in the planning stage of a visit.

They can make suggestions for the programme and sessions, supplying excellent tailor-made information and resources in order to meet learning objectives for both guided and self-guided groups.

Service features

  • Formal and informal learning opportunities at country parks and sites across Hampshire
  • Experienced and dedicated staff that work closely with teachers for effective planning and delivery
  • Curriculum based activities designed to meet learning objectives

Benefits to schools

  • Supports a wide range of curriculum areas
  • Makes learning more relevant
  • Stimulates, inspires and motivates
  • Promotes health and fitness
  • Raises achievement
  • Improves attitudes to learning


Gemma Summerfield
Learning and Engagement Manager