Farmers and landowners

Hampshire’s countryside has been shaped by centuries of farming and land management. This includes how we grow our food, harvest timber, manage our trees and woodlands, and have developed cultural heritage features. Farming has developed and changed both our natural environment and biodiversity.

Trees add character to the countryside while supporting the world around them. They improve soil health, reduce noise, cool the air, and mitigate the risk of floods. They can also reduce air pollution, give livestock shade and shelter, and provide food for humans, farm animals, and wildlife.

The Hampshire Forest Partnership supports farmers and landowners so you can integrate trees into your farms and on land holdings. We can provide funding support, advice and guidance, knowledge, and information resources. This includes sharing best practice by showcasing case studies and linking you to our partners.

We want to work with farmers to help us reach net zero in Hampshire and support you so you can have a positive impact on our Hampshire’s biodiversity, future landscape, and climate change.

Trees for farmers

In our Shoots Along the Routes campaign we are offering farmers free trees to be planted along select routes in Hampshire.

Shoots Along the Routes


Find out about how trees can help your arable and livestock farms.