Community orchards

Community orchards are an excellent focal point for community activities. They are an opportunity for schools and the community to learn new skills such as wildlife identification, horticultural skills, and maintenance of the trees. They can commemorate heritage fruit trees, develop events, and create green networks across towns and villages. Orchards help wildlife too, increasing biodiversity and boosting pollinator populations.

The Hampshire Forest Partnership can provide funding for community orchards. We can also fund expansion of existing orchards, restoration, and improvement work. The sorts of things we can fund are: fruit and nut trees, stakes, guards and information panels. We can help you with planning your orchard and our team are on hand to provide advice and support. The types of applicants that would be eligible (but are not limited to) are schools, residents associations, community groups, charities, businesses, parish/town/district councils.

We’re particularly keen to support Community Orchard projects that will increase:

  • ecological connectivity with existing trees and woodland habitats
  • biodiversity
  • soil conservation
  • resilience to tree diseases
  • nutrient runoff absorption
  • flood management
  • shelter and shade
  • community involvement

For more information make an enquiry.

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