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We benefit hugely when we live around trees – from our physical and mental health to the many opportunities to educate children about the importance and wonder of nature – the value of urban and semi-urban trees has, until now, been vastly underestimated. Trees can also reduce the risk of flooding, improve air quality and provide cooling during hot summer spells.

Do you have space in your local area for trees or hedgerows? We’re funding community tree-planting projects that will bring both social and environmental benefits to local residents or groups.

This fund supports tree and hedgerow planting projects in public or community spaces across Hampshire. Projects must be led by local community groups, schools, parish or town councils, or local charities, and they should offer significant opportunities for local involvement in project development, planting and/or aftercare.

We can fund trees, hedge plants, stakes and guards. We can also advise on planting design, ground preparation, planting and aftercare. The types of applicants that would be eligible (but are not limited to) are schools, residents associations, community groups, charities, and parish/town councils. Local authorities are only eligible if the project is working with local people, rather than being solely managed by the town/parish council.


Help us plant one million trees in Hampshire. If you don’t have a suitable tree planting site but would like to sponsor a tree or project elsewhere, contact [email protected] to get involved.


We also fund mini ‘Miyawaki’ forests and community orchards in towns and villages across Hampshire.

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