Sponsor a tree

Every contribution makes a difference.

If you’d like to support our mission to plant one million trees by 2050, sponsoring a tree is a great way to help.

Why sponsor a tree?

Trees planted will provide a much-needed home for wildlife. As part of our Shoots Along the Routes initiative, we’re committed to improving landscapes and nature connectivity across Hampshire, planting trees to create green corridors that support ecosystems and encourage biodiversity.

Person's hand holding a young tree ready to be planted

Helping the hazel dormouse

One animal that will benefit from our tree planting mission is the hazel dormouse. Hazel dormice are a flagship species, meaning that they play an important part in food chains and are a good indicator of animal and plant diversity in an ecosystem.

This important animal is endangered from loss of woodland habitat. They need scrub and trees to thrive, and have recently been found in the roadside planting along the A303 and M3 corridors in Hampshire. By planting hedges and linear woodlands, your support will help us create better connectivity along other routes, enabling dormice to migrate across the county and settle in suitable habitats.

Sleepy dormouse
Dormouse by Nick Schofield

Boosting butterfly populations

Another key feature of Hampshire’s landscape is the elm tree. The white-letter hairstreak butterfly, which gets its name from white lines that form a ‘W’ on the underside of its wing, is a particular species that relies on these trees. Sadly, these butterflies have seen their population decline significantly due to the loss of mature elms to Dutch elm disease.

Hampshire Forest Partnership have recently planted 1200 disease resistant elms across Hampshire to help support this vibrant and important piece of the county’s wildlife.

White-letter hairstreak butterfly

What happens when you sponsor a tree

Depending on your donation, we will select a young tree or trees for the area they’re being planted. Disease-resistant elms are larger trees, so your donation may go towards planting one of these and help us raise funds for this. Our tree planting teams will then plant the tree or trees for you, or you can join one of our planting days that we hold throughout the year. We advertise these on Eventbrite and on our news page. Our experts ensure that every tree is planted in the right place, so that our woodlands have the best chance of growing and staying established for generations to come.

What will I receive?

When you donate to our tree planting projects by sponsoring a tree or trees depending on your donation, you’ll receive either a standard certificate or a personalised certificate to mark the moment. If buying as a gift, or in memory of a loved one, you can customise the certificate to include the recipient’s name, occasion, or dedication. Larger donations will also receive a special metal plaque as a thank you which can be displayed either inside or outside to show your support for our Million Trees Challenge.

Donator's plaque beside a young tree