Hampshire Treasures

Volume 5 ( New Forest)

Page 324 - Woodgreen

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Merrie Gardens. Thatched roof. Timber-framed with cob infilling.     SU 170 174
2416 04
Oldings. Thatched roof. Timber-framed with cob infilling. Part modernised.     SU 173 176
2416 02
Yew Tree Cottage. Thatched roof. Timber- framed with cob infilling.     SU 171 175
2416 05
Old Beams, Lane End. Main structure brick. Some timber-framing with brick infill. Thatched and tiled roof. L-shaped plan. Very old beams.     SU 170 168
2416 10
Vine Cottage. Thatched roof. Cob and brick walls. Very old beams. Part modernised.     SU 171 173
2416 09
Thorn Cottage. Tiled roof. Rendered brick structure. Semi-detatched. Modernised.     N.P. Act
S. S. S. I.
SU 176 173
2416 11
Group F - Historical or Literary Associations
Village Hall
Built 1930-31. When erected, two students from the London College of Art (now Professor Baker and Edward Payne) were commissioned, by the Carnegie Trust, to decorate the walls entirely with murals. They painted the village as it was then, the poachers looking down from Castle Hill, the Sunday School in the Methodist Church, the folk dancing, fruit picking, the Horse and Groom, the village flower show, making cider, and the caretaker lighting the stove. The BBC, in a broadcast in 1973 called it the Village on the Wall.     SU 170 176
2416 07
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