Removing Citrix

Windows 8

Right-click on the Windows 8 Start screen and select All Apps

Click on Control Panel then Programs and Features

Select each Citrix version then click Uninstall/Change, If asked Are you sure…?, click Yes

Use the cross (X) in the top right corner to close the window

Finally, run the registry cleaner to completely remove Citrix.

Windows 7

Click Start then Control Panel and select Programs and Features

Find and remove all versions of Citrix, by clicking on the relevant programs in the list then clicking on Uninstall or Uninstall/Change

Click Yes when asked Are you sure…

Finally, run the registry cleaner to completely remove Citrix

Registry cleaner

Open Internet Explorer and copy and paste into the address bar (or click on the link).

Please note that you must sign up to Citrix’s site to be able to download this application. Regardless, you must run this application whenever you need to remove Citrix.

The page indicates that this is intended for IT administrators. However, you will still be able to download this application.

Either click the arrow at the end of the address bar, or click Run if a message appears

A Citrix Cleaner window will open, click Yes

A further Citrix Cleaner message will be displayed, click Yes again

A Citrix Cleaner message confirming the registry has been cleaned successfully will be displayed, click OK, you will then need to close all programs and restart your machine.

If Registry Cleaner is unsuccessful in removing the Citrix folder, you can remove it from the C drive.

Click Start then Computer or My Computer

Double click Local Disk C then double click on Program Files

Right-click on the Citrix folder and then on Delete

Click Yes to delete if prompted and then close Program Files.