Tablet security

Your Hantsnet session will lock automatically after 15 minutes if it remains inactive. You will still be logged into Connect. To re-connect,center your Hantsnet ID and password.
Using Connect with your personal tablet

Connect will let you logon to Hantsnet, but if you’re using your own personal tablet it will apply some additional security rules, you won't be able to:

  • access the PSN or HCC applications that hold PSN data (you can still access these application in the office or at home on a managed device)
  • copy and paste between Hantsnet and local applications on your device (copy and paste will still work within Hantsnet)
  • print from Hantsnet to your home printer (you can still collect your print outs in any HCC office using PrintSmart)
  • copy or save documents from Hantsnet on to any hard disk, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or USB stick.
Using Connect with a HCC tablet
Security updates are being rolled out to all existing tablets so that they’re ready to use Connect. You can still use Connect on a tablet which hasn't been updated, but Connect will view the tablet as an unmanaged personal device and will apply some additional security rules (see the bullets above for details).