Using Connect

Log on to Connect

Make sure that you have your eToken or token handy if you are logging on outside a HCC office.

The following screenshots are taken from a Windows PC. If you are using a Mac you will find the screens are very similar and that these steps will help you to log on.

With your computer on, connect to the internet and go to It is a good idea to save the URL as a favourite or shortcut on your desktop.

The Connect to Public Services screen will be displayed, click on the appropriate organisation.

connect first logon screen

If there are any problems with accessing Connect, information messages will be displayed on this screen.

The HantsConnect screen will open, complete both User name and Password fields and click Submit.

You have 5 attempts to enter the correct log on details, if you do not get it correct in 5 attempts you will lock your account. If this happens, contact the IT Service Desk

Enter your your token PIN + Passcode from your token and click Submit (you will only see this screen if you are connecting outside of a HCC office).

If this is the first time you have used your cryptocard token you will need to enter the PIN you were sent. You will be prompted to change the PIN to a number of your own choice.

If you forget your PIN see Change your PIN for more information.

Click Log on, a screen will open with the Hantsnet Red Desktop icon, together with any other Hantsnet desktops you have access to (such as HantsVDI), click on Hantsnet Red Desktop (if you have access to any applications, these will be displayed on a separate Applications tab).

If you see a security message asking if Citrix is a trusted program, click Allow

passport connect 5

If you get a message Do you want to save Launch.ica, click Save. A further message will appear informing you the Launch.ica download has completed, click Open.

Your Hantsnet desktop will now open.

Windows 10 - Edge browser

After you have clicked on Hantsnet Red Desktop in step 3 above you may get an additional message notifying you that launch.ica finished downloading, select Open to launch Connect.

edge launchica notification

Using Connect

When you log into Connect, some of the functionality available will differ depending on which type of device you are using.

If you are using a personal device, some additional security rules will be applied and you won't be able to:

  • access the PSN or HCC applications that hold PSN data (you can still access these applications in the office or at home on a managed device)
  • copy and paste between Hantsnet and local applications on your device (copy and paste will still work within Hantsnet)
  • copy or save documents from Hantsnet on to any hard disk, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or USB stick.

If you are using a Hampshire County Council or another organisation's device which hasn't been updated to use Connect, you can still use Connect, but Connect will view the device as a personal device and apply some additional security rules (see the bullets above).


Printing can only be done within the Secure printing service provided by HCC IT, therefore you cannot print any Hampshire data to personal printing devices.

Locked screen

Your Hantsnet session will lock automatically after 15 minutes if it remains inactive. You will still be logged into Connect, just enter your Hantsnet ID and password.

Moving around

To go to Hantsnet from your desktop, click on the icon at the foot of your screen on the taskbar. If you have more than one Hantsnet session open, you can chose which one to go to (in the screenshot below the user has a Hantsnet Desktop and Hantsnet VDI session open).

passport connect desktop

Citrix Desktop Viewer toolbar

At the top of your screen, you will notice an additional toolbar, this is the Citrix Desktop Viewer, depending on what version of Citrix software you are using, you will see one of two versions of the toolbar:

Version 1

The toolbar can be used for a variety of things, but the important thing to remember is that you must use it to lock/unlock your session and use the Home button if you have Connect opened to full screen and you wish to return to your PC or Laptop desktop.

passport citrix desktop viewer

Version 2

Click on the 'dotted' section on the toolbar to open

citrix desktop viewer pc laptop sml

The toolbar can be used for a variety of things, but the important thing to remember is that you must use it to lock/unlock your session and you will need to use the Home Desktop button, if you have Connect opened to full screen and you wish to return to your PC or Laptop desktop.

Log off Connect

You must NOT close down Hantsnet using the X in the top right corner.

Click Start in your Hantsnet session then log off.

passport start log off