Using your Moto Android phone

Set up phone as a hotspot

You need to set your phone up as a hotspot to tether your device and use the 3/4G data network.

Unlock your phone and tap the settings cog at the top of the screen.

Tap More then Tethering portable hotspot

Image of wireless and network settings on a phone

Click Set up Wi-Fi hotspot

The password will be displayed although the characters are hidden

Click Show password tick box and the password will be displayed

You can change this if you prefer to have a more memorable password, just click on the password and change it.

Click Save. You will return to the Tethering & portable hotspot page.

Image of setting password for wi-fi hotspot

Turn the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to On.

Image showing turning on the wi-fi hotspot

Tether laptop to your phone

Find your hotspot on your laptop and connect to it.

On your laptop click the Network icon and select you phone.

Tick Connect Automatically, this means it will automatically pick up your phone hotspot when it's turned on.

Click Connect.

Image showing the Network icon on the bottom right of the device desktop and the phone name listed

Enter your phone hotspot password and click Next.

You will now be connected to the internet.

To connect to Hantsnet you will need to log onto your account using your eToken in the usual way.

Connect to wireless with your corporate Android phone

On the Home screen swipe left and select Settings.

If you have a Moto G4 tap the Settings icon

Tap Wi-Fi.

Please note if Wi-Fi is disabled, turn on Wi-Fi by swiping the indicator to the right.

Image of wi-fi settings on a phone

Select the wireless network you want to connect to from the list

Enter the Wi-Fi password and select Connect.

Image of connecting to chosen wi-fi on a phone

Battery saving tips
  • Use the Motorola charger that came with your phone
  • it may take several charging cycles for your battery to reach optimum performance
  • your device will warn you when its battery is getting low. Charge as soon as you can and manage your phone features to reduce battery usage

Managing your phone features to reduce battery usage

  • turn off Wi-Fi when you are not using it
  • turn off Bluetooth (not enabled by default) when not in use
  • avoid live wallpapers as these will drain battery faster
  • lower the brightness of the screen
  • activate Battery saving mode - this will limit some of your device performance and limits background data such as notifications
  • turn on airplane mode which will stop all radio transmissions
  • turn off location when not in use
  • check your list of apps and for how much battery each app has used since the last full charge
  • disable automatic app updates