Using your laptop device

Unlocking your device with face recognition

Make sure you are sitting in front of the device when you open it up. It will look for your face to enable sign in. If it fails you will be prompted to enter your PIN or use your fingerprint if you have it set up.

You can improve face recognition in Settings.

Click Start then the cog icon

Image showing settings icon on bottom left of desktop

Select Accounts then Sign-in options

Under Windows Hello click Improve recognition

Follow the instructions on the screen.


If face recognition fails you will be prompted to enter your PIN. Alternatively, swipe up on the lock screen and choose Sign in options to choose a different way to sign in.

If you think your PIN has been compromised or you have forgotten it you can change it in Settings.

Click Start then the cog icon

Select Accounts then Sign-in options

Scroll down to PIN and click Change

Follow the instructions on the screen.

Forgotten PIN

On the lock screen click Other user and select the Key icon. 

Image showing 'Other user' option on bottom left of lock screen

Enter [your ID] and Hantsnet password, you should now be logged on to the desktop.

Open Settings, and click the Accounts icon.

Click Sign-in options, and select I forgot my PIN.

Image showing 'sign in options' in device settings and the 'Forgot my pin' link

Click Continue to confirm.

You need to verify your account. by text. A code will be set to the mobile number you used when setting up your laptop. Follow the instructions on the screen to verify your account.

Enter at least a minimum 4 digit new PIN number, confirm your PIN and click OK.

The pin will have now changed. lock or restart your device to make sure the changes are complete.

Unlock with your finger print

The fingerprint sensor is found on the back of the device. To log in, hold your finger on the sensor until the lock screen recognises it and unlocks the device.

Set up finger print recognition

Connect to HCC wireless

Connect to HCC Wireless

Click the Network icon on the lower right corner of your screen to bring up the available wireless networks.

Select the HCC Corporate/Employee.Hantsnet Wi Fi from the list

Image showing the Network icon on bottom right of the desktop and subsequent list of networks

You will get prompted with a login screen. 

Login using your HANTSNET UserID and HANTSNET password.

The box with “Use my windows user account” should remain unticked.

You should not connect using a certificate. 

Change your Hantsnet password for HCC Corporate wireless

Lock your device

You device will automatically lock if not being used. You are advised not to change these settings.

To lock your device either press the power button on the top of the device, or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and selecting Lock.

You can also navigate to Lock by clicking Start then the User icon and select Lock.


Device not turning on

It could be that the battery is too low to turn the laptop on.

Make sure you have connected the power supply/charger. Once plugged in leave for a couple of minutes for some charge to be restored.  

Once connected try again to turn the laptop power button on.

It the laptop is still not turning on contact the IT Service desk

Device stopped working while using it

If your laptop stops working and you are stuck on a screen, you can hold down Ctrl, Alt, and Delete buttons simultaneously on the keyboard to reset.

If this doesn’t allow a reset then turn the laptop off using the power button.  Leave it off for 1 minute and turn it back on.

You might lose any work that you were previously working on unless it auto-saved and can be recovered.

Locked out requiring a recovery key

If you get a message saying ‘You are locked out. Enter the recovery key to get going again’, you will need to use another internet capable device to proceed.

Visit the MyApps website at If not automatically logged in, enter your e-mail address in the format ''

Click on your name, then click profile to show a list of your linked devices. Then select Get BitLocker keys and will be presented with two key codes. Copy the longer 'Recovery key' and use this to unlock your device.