New user set up

This set up guidance is for new users.

Before you start

You will receive:

  • Laptop and laptop case
  • Charger
  • Keyboard
  • Stylus with batteries and lanyard (for 2-in-1 devices)

Before you start make sure you have:

  • Access to a phone, preferably a mobile phone. This is so you can complete the verification steps near the end of the set up.

  • Internet access.

  • Time - the set up can take between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Once set up is complete you will need to leave the device for 10-30 minutes for everything to download.

The laptop must remain connected to the docking station and the internet during the whole set up process
Connect to docking station

Ensure your computer is attached to the docking station.

This is a modern dock and will be set up connected to a monitor, keyboard, mouse and a wired network.

Connect the laptop to the dock.

Docking station with laptop connector cable shown to the left

Press the power button on the laptop.

Device power button shown on top right of device

Configure region and keyboard

The Dell Logo will appear, let this run. Cortana the Windows helper will then speak and advise you to proceed with the setup.

Configure the Region Settings, select United Kingdom then click Yes.

Configure the Keyboard Settings, select United Kingdom then click Yes.

Select Skip to Want to add a second keyboard layout?

The License Agreement will appear, click Accept.

It will now check for any updates. Once completed you are can continue with the system set up.

System set up

Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Click Set up for an organisation then Next.

Screenshot showing the option to set up for an organisation

Enter your Hantsnet email address. You must use Your Hantsnet For example, do not use your full name.

Enter your Hantsnet Password and click Next

Set your privacy settings to:

  • Location - On
  • Diagnostics - Full
  • Relevant Ads - On
  • Speech recognition - On
  • Tailored experiences with diagnostic data - On

On the next two Support and Protection screens, just click Next.

You can now set up face recognition or finger print recognition. Select the option you would like to set up and click Set Up.

Face recognition

If you selected Face recognition the camera will open.

Make sure you are positioned so your face is within the box and looking straight forward.

Once positioned correctly the photo will be taken, this is in black and white.

Finger print recognition

The finger print reader is on the back of the laptop screen.

Image of fingerprint sensor on the back of the device

You will be asked to touch the finger print reader.

Continue to tap the reader until your finger print is confirmed.

Each tap will show the blue finger print on the screen increase in size until finger print set up is completed.

Image of a fingerprint icon showing when fingerprint set up is complete

Set a PIN

You need set up a PIN as an added level of security. You can also use the PIN if finger print or face recognition fails.

Click Next on the Set up a PIN screen.

Select Text message as the method to verify your identity, click Next.

Select your location as United Kingdom and then type your phone number into the box, it should be 11 digits.

Click Next.

You will receive a text message on your mobile phone; it is individual to your login and must be used within a time limit (approx. 3 minutes).

If you have selected phone call, write down the number that is spoken to you on the call.

Enter the six digit code and click Next, it may take a few moments, so please wait.

If you did not use the code in time, click I didn’t get the code and you will be sent a new one.

If you get two at once then use the second code.

Screenshot showing where to enter the 6 digit code or have the code resent

Enter a pin number and confirm it. this should be a 6 digit number that you will be able to remember.

  • Don't use yours or a loved ones date of birth or anniversary
  • Don't use your telephone number
  • Don't use a number sequence like 123456, or 999999 repeat numbers like 121212 or 555444

Click OK.

Complete software installation

The system is now ready to receive your profile, click OK.

A Networks and Installation screen will pop up, in the Networks box Click No.

In the Installation screen click I Don't Agree.

On the Complete your Software Installation screen click Do Not Download, then click OK

It will now take approximately 20 minutes to download your profile and Apps, it will look like the screen has stopped but the download is going on in the background.

Set up is now complete.

Something went wrong

If you get the message Something went wrong wait 30 seconds and click Try again. If you still get the message the contact the IT Service Desk.

Screenshot showing a message when something went wrong