Further device guidance

Office 365
See Hampshire Online Learning for tools to help you learn how to use the applications within Office 365
Improve facial recognition

Click onto the account button in the Start menu (Windows icon).

Image of Account icon

Click onto change account settings, your account will open.

Click on Sign-in Options on the left.

Click on the Improve recognition under Face Recognition.

Click on Get Started

Enter your PIN and the camera will open, look into the camera at the top of the screen.

If you have glasses put them on and repeat the recognition process again.

Close the face recognition window.

Access the Store to install an app

Click on the Microsoft Store icon on your task bar or Start menu

Image of Microsoft Store icon 

The store will open to the HCC store.

Choose or search for the app you want

Click the install button

The app will download onto your device and once downloaded you will be able to click onto open.

The app will then launch for use

You can find it again by either searching for it using the search on the task bar or find it in the alphabetical list in the Start menu.

Pinning favourites to the tile screen

Click on the Start menu (windows icon)

Find the app you want in the menu.

Click and hold the app and drag it across to the tile part of the screen and place it in a convenient location for you and let go. You will see a no entry sign until you reach the tile area and the grey box will turn into a square icon. You have now pinned the tile.

To remove the icon right click on the icon and a menu will show.

Choose Unpin from Start. You can re-pin at any time.

To resize the tile right click on the icon for the menu and choose resize.

Change the size of the tile icon to suit your requirements.

Action Centre

The Action Centre provides various functions of the device that you are able to use or change.

You can find the Action Centre using the icon on the far right of the task bar.

Image of Action Centre icon 

On a touch-screen device you can also swipe in from the far right of the screen to launch the Action Centre.

Image of Action Centre tiles

Click on the connect tile in the Action Centre

A list of devices will appear and you will be able to select the screen you want to use. Once selected you can then set your projection options as to how you see the screen. Click outside the screen to close.

Click on the Project Button, when you connect to a projector or additional screen you can set which screens you view.

  • PC Screen only - is the laptop screen
  • Second screen only - is the monitor
  • Duplicate - both the PC screen onto the monitor will display the same information
  • Extend - both the PC screen and the monitor will work as one extra large screen. By default, the Monitor screen will be an extension to the right hand side of the PC screen (even though the monitor may not be physically to the right hand side of the PC screen).

Click outside the screen to close.

Change to left-handed

If you are left handed you can change the mouse buttons over.

Go to the Start menu

Click onto the settings button (cog icon)

Click on Devices

Click on Mouse

Change the primary button to right in the drop down.


You can also change the stylus pen to know you are left-handed. On the devices settings, choose Pen and Windows Ink, and then Choose which hand you write with.