First time user of secure encrypted email

Instructions for the first time you receive a secure encrypted email

Registration email

The first time you are sent a secure encrypted email you will receive two emails in your Outlook inbox.

The first email will enable you to register for secure encrypted emails. You only need to register once. Click on the link in the email, the CCM Login screen will open

Secure email: First time user registration

The second email is a standard email that can be ignored on this occasion.

Log in with the details provided

Enter the email address and password sent to you in the email and click Log in.

Secure email: Login screen
Change your password

You will be asked to change your password.

Type in a new password. Type the same password into the confirm password field. Click on 'Change Password'.

Secure email: change your password
List of encrypted emails

A new window will open, listing all secure encrypted emails sent to you. Click on any email to read it.

Secure email: Email viewer
Log out

Log out of the system when you have finished with your emails.