Just like Outlook, the calendar can be seen in a daily, work week, weekly or monthly view

 owa cal

Any calendars you have previously viewed in Outlook will be visible in the calendar list on the left.

Create appointments & meetings

Click on the New button to create a new Appointment (use the drop down arrow next to New if you want to create a new meeting request).

Complete the fields in the same way as you do in Outlook - when all the details are complete, click Save and Close (or Send for a meeting request)

The Facilities Booking (Condeco) tab is not available on OWA.

If your appointment contains personal data, including confidential client or staff data, it must be marked as a Private entry.

View another person's calendar

If you have permission, you can view a calendar (or an inbox) as you would in Outlook 2010, just click on a name in the list under People's Calendars.

If you want to look at someone who is not displaying in your People's Calendar list, click Share then Add Calendar.

The Add Calendar window will appear, either type in a name or click on Name to search the address book then click OK.

The person's calendar will be displayed next to yours, with the name of the calendar displayed in the People's Calendars list on the right.

To manage the calendars in your People's Calendars list, just right click on any calendar and select an option from the menu.