Write emails

owa new email

Click on New, a new window will open for your email, type the recipient names in the To... or Cc... fields

OWA does not recognise names as you type them in the same way that Outlook does, but you can click on the To..., Cc... or the Address Book icon to find a name, or type a name and then click Check Names to verify.

If you need to Bcc someone but can't see this field, click Options and tick Show Bcc field

Type your message, use the toolbar above the message area to format your text

You now have several other options for your email using the toolbar at the top of the message window:

  • Send the email, a copy will be saved in your Sent Items folder
  • Save the email without sending it (you will find it again in the Drafts folder)
  • Attach File
  • Insert Picture
  • use Address Book
  • Check Names
  • Mark the email with Importance: High
  • Mark the email with Importance: Low
  • Insert Signature, you can only insert this if you have one set up - see signature section below for information on how to do this
  • More Options, including Show From, Show Bcc and tracking options
  • Change the message format of the text between HTML and Plain Text.

There are a number of settings you can set up as the default for all your emails - see Options for more information.

Click on the Attach File icon to find a document to attach to your email - you cannot attach HantsFile documents in OWA.

When you are using OWA, any attachments are added from your local PC - be careful about the type of file you attach and maintain a virus checker on your PC.

Click on Send when you are ready to send the email, a copy will be saved to your Sent folder.


Your email signature is not automatically copied across from Outlook, it is advised you add a signature to OWA the first time you use it.

Click Options, See All Options, Settings and then Mail.

Under E-Mail Signature is a box where you can type in and format your signature. When you have added your signature details, click on Automatically include my signature on messages I send to select it, then click Save.

Read emails

When you open OWA, your inbox will look something like this:

owa read email view

  • Click on an email to view it in the reading pane
  • Double click on an email to open it in its own window

The toolbar above your list of emails gives you some useful options for viewing your emails:

Filter options allow you to choose which emails you view in your inbox, based on categories, ie Sent to me / Cc'd to me / Unread - view emails sent to yourself / copied to you / that are unread

Simply click on a filter category to select it (a tick will appear next to it when selected) and click Apply.

To remove a filter, click Clear Filter.

View allows you to order your emails into Conversations -a Conversation is the complete chain of email messages from the first message through all responses The messages of a Conversation will have the same subject. In Conversations, there might be many replies back and forth, or even multiple people all replying to parts of the Conversation.

You can also change change the position of your reading pane in the view options.

When you open an email to read it, a toolbar is displayed along the top of the window. This will help you take any necessary actions with your email.

Links and attachments

You can view links you are sent to:

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents (as long as you have the programmes to read these on your device)
  • Hantsnet pages but you will need to log in to view these pages
You will not be able to download or open attached files if you did not tick I am using a private computer when you logged into OWA
Sensitive information
If you view attachments using OWA you MUST clear your computer cache, so that no information stored temporarily on your machine can be accessed afterwards.
Recovering emails

If you find that you have deleted an email by mistake, right click on your Deleted Items folder and then on Recover Deleted Items.

Select the emails you want to recover and then click on the Recover Deleted Items icon.

Chose a folder to recover the email to, then click on Recover.