TeamViewer shadower responsibilities

The shadower must:

  • always ask the potential shadowee for their verbal consent before initiating a shadowing session
  • confirm upfront that the shadowee understands implications of initiating shadowing, especially if new to them
  • follow the guidelines in these pages
  • terminate shadowing facility as soon as practicable, once the problem is identified
  • ensure the shadowee confirms/understands that the shadowing session is at an end

Data Protection Act – protection for shadowee

To maintain the shadowee's confidence in the shadowing process, and ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act, it is essential that the shadower never discloses to anyone the details of any data (especially if confidential and/or personal), which they may view as part of the process of a shadowing session.

Absolute integrity is of the highest importance. Failure to comply with the confidentiality requirements could result in access to the shadowing facility being removed and/or disciplinary action being taken. It should also be noted that any misuse of personal data could lead to legal action against any offending individual, under the provisions of the 1998 Data Protection Act.