Shadowing security declaration

These conditions must be followed to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.

All Hantsnet users who are given access to the shadowing facility must comply with the following conditions of use:

  • the shadowing facility must only be used for legitimate support reasons
  • the shadower must always ask the potential shadowee for their consent before initiating a shadowing session
  • the shadower must ensure that the shadowee understands the implications of initiating a shadowing session, especially if this is to be a new experience for the Hantsnet user with a problem
  • the shadowing facility must be terminated as soon as practicable, after the problem has been identified
  • acknowledgement that the shadowing session is at an end should be obtained from the shadowee, after the shadowing session has been terminated
  • the shadower must never disclose to anyone else the details of any data, especially if personal and/or confidential, which they may happen to view as part of the process of a shadowing session
  • absolute integrity is of the highest importance and failure to comply with the confidentiality requirements could result in access to the shadowing facility being removed and/or disciplinary action being taken under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, any unauthorised disclosure of personal data could lead to legal action being taken against any offending individual

Acceptance of the above conditions of use must be acknowledged by all potential users of the shadowing facility before they are granted access to the shadow facility.

Compliance with the above conditions is essential to maintain confidence in the shadowing process and to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.